Discover the benefits of having a reliable conveyancer travel to you in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Maquarie, Port Stephens and surrounding New South Wales regions.

At GK Mobile Conveyancing, we'll manage all the necessary processes for your property transaction.

As well as domestic property settlements, we can also help you with refinancing. Get your business sorted with leasing, mortgages and refinance options.

Selling A Property

Save yourself the stress involved with selling a home, vacant land or off the plan property and call GK Mobile Conveyancing. We will make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our conveyancers will oversee the exchange of documents for all property and land sales, as well obtaining the necessary documents outlined by NSW state legislation.

Preparing Legal Contracts

Take the hard work out of preparing legal documents for your house sale and let us do it for you. We will ensure your contract contains the correctly obtained disclosure documents.

We will consult with you on every aspect of the draft contract and determine which legal documents should be included. This could be a building certificate or a homeowners' warranty insurance certificate.

Once we have obtained the necessary documents and fulfilled all legal obligations, our Hunter Valley and greater New South Wales conveyancing business will prepare and submit the final Contract of Sale to your selected real estate agent.

Strata Title Property

The majority of apartments in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie regions are strata title. As a part of strata scheme in NSW, there are common property responsibilities for each building.

GK Mobile Conveyancing will attach the necessary documents to the Contract of Sale on your strata title property.

Business or Commercial Property

GK Mobile Conveyancing will assist you in the agreement and sale of your business or commercial property. There are several aspects of the sale to be stated in the contract including:

  • Relevant assets being transferred - property, equipment, fixtures, fittings, stock & rights to names
  • Relevant liabilities - creditors (money owed) & lease of the business property
  • Responsibility for employees & employee entitlements
  • Statements outlining processes in the event an issue arises with the contract
  • Any restrictions on trading in your profession after the sale has concluded

We will take extra care to ensure all information in the contract is correct.

Buying A Property

From finding detailed information about your property of interest to the final settlement, GK Mobile Conveyancing will manage your transaction every step of the way.

We will ensure your lenders requirements are met to avoid any complications and/or delays with your purchase.

Things to Consider Before Making An Offer

House hunting can seem both daunting and exciting at the same time. However, it's important to keep in mind your specific requirements for the property. Some of these considerations may include:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Functionality of the property
  • Style & design of the property
  • Property age
  • Location
  • Size
  • Potential structural problems
  • Plumbing & electrical fittings

Exchanging Contracts & Deposits

Once you have found your desired property, we will examine and review the contract of sale for you.

GK Mobile Conveyancing will work quickly to make sure you don't miss the opportunity to purchase the property.

If you wish to make any changes to the contract, our team will liaise with the vendors representative to ensure the contracts provisions fully set out the correct agreement between the parties.

After making enquires and meeting your financial arrangements, contracts can be signed and exchanged between you and the vendor.

We will travel to you in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens regions to oversee the exchange of contracts.

During this process, you will also be required to pay a deposit. The vendor usually requests a deposit of 10%. However, a different amount can be discussed and recorded on the contract.

Property Costs

There are a number of other costs to take into consideration when purchasing a property, such as:

  • Stamp duty
  • Inspection reports
  • Title fees
  • Loan fees

Your financial interests remain at the forefront during our management of your property transaction. That's why we offer our conveyancing work for a flat fee.

Cooling-off Period

As a purchaser, you are given statutory rights in relation to a cooling-off period. We will fully explain these provisions to you, together with details of the advantages and disadvantages of waiving same.


Congratulations! You are now the legal owner of your new property. Approximately 5-6 weeks after the contract exchange, GK Mobile Conveyancing will meet with the vendor's solicitor or conveyancer, their bank representative and your bank representative on settlement day.

The rest of the sale price is then paid, with the necessary cheques and title documents exchanged. Our Maitland, New South Wales conveyancing team will do everything to assist in making this a smooth transition to suit your arrangements and needs.

Off The Plan

There are some properties that are advertised for sale before they have been built. This is known as 'buying off the plan'. On your behalf, GK Mobile Conveyancing will review the contract to fully understand liabilities, make enquiries and arrange an expression of interest.

Strata Schemes

At GK Mobile Conveyancing, we will cut out the complexities when explaining the process of buying an apartment or unit in a strata scheme.

Rural Property

GK Mobile Conveayncing will determine exactly what is being sold to you in your rural property transaction. We will check if a 'clearing sale' has being organised by the owner during the selling of their property. Any outstanding expenses relating to the property will also be identified before the date of settlement.


Entering into a retail or commercial lease is a huge commitment. Leasing contract between a landlord and a tenant can often span between 5 to 25 years.

We will help you identify extra costs listed in the contract, as well as negotiating carefully, ensuring all parties involved are looked after.

No matter whether you are the retail or commercial tenant, or the landlord, our conveyancingexperts will assist you in understanding all guidelines and rules before signing.

Mortgages & Refinance

During the property sale transaction, GK Mobile Conveyancing will assist you in completing mortgage and finance requirements. We will also chase up details on mortgages that need to be paid and removed from the title.

Our reliable and thorough team will contact the bank or lending institution that holds the mortgage. This way, we can find out the final figure for the mortgage, including the costs for paying your loan in full.

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